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V. + J.

Sister Mary Martha Chambon


Visitation Holy Mary of Chambéry


The Holy Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ



In English by

The Sisters of the Visitation of St. Louis



Academy of the Visitation

Cabanné and Belt Avenues, Saint Louis, Missouri.











Chambéry, November 21, 1923.         


        By order of His Grace Monseigneur Castellan, I have read the book entitled: SISTER MARY MARTHA CHAMBON AND THE HOLY WOUNDS OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, and I have found nothing therein, which may not be explained in conformity of faith and morals with the doctrine of our Holy Mother the Church.

Fr. BOUCHAGE, C. SS. R.        



         Camberii, Nov. 21, 1923


                              Archiep. Camberiensis.








V. + J.

        We declare that in the relation of facts contained in this Notice and in the expressions used, we have no intention to anticipate in any manner the judgment of the Holy Church, our Mother, to whom we are devoted and submissive from the depths of our hearts.


        The Superior and Religious of the Monastery of the Visitation Holy Mary of Chambéry.


Dieu soit béni!









From the Vatican, May 8, 1924.       


Very Reverend Mother,

        I have received the booklet "Sister Mary Martha Chambon" that you sent me to present in humble homage to the Holy Father.

        I hasten to tell you that His Holiness testified much pleasure and is delighted with the little work.

        The August Pontiff expressed the wish that the exemplary life and virtues of this religious and faithful servant of God be propagated as widely as possible in order to induce souls to advance in the way of perfection. He congratulates the writer and sends to her and her Sisters the Apostolic Benediction.

        I gladly profit by this occasion, Reverend Mother, to thank you for the copy kindly sent to me and to present my sincere respects, remaining, Reverend Mother,

Your very devoted,                                       

P. Cardinal GASPARRI.       








Archbishop's Palace, Pisa, Ascension 1924.

Very Reverend Mother,

        Additional words seem superfluous after the august words of the Holy Father!

        May I be permitted, however, to express my joy at the favorable auspices under which the little publication progresses---I may venture to say---in its apostolate.

        I sincerely believe that this résumé of the edifying life of Sister M. Martha Chambon will be truly the grain of mustard seed which will rapidly develop into a great tree, where many birds will find nourishment and build their nests.

        In the world sorrows multiply, whilst resignation and the science of suffering daily decrease, there is no longer endurance nor consolation! How welcome therefore are the practical lessons of a soul into which the Holy Wounds have poured so much light and peace!

        May these lessons teach all who weep that here every sorrow is sweetened and solaced in awaiting its transformation in eternal life.

        To you, Rev. Mother, and to all the Sisters of this excellent Community, the blessing of your obliged.

+F. Cardinal MAFFI.








Archbishop's Palace, Chambéry, July 9, 1924.       

        The brochure, "Sister Mary Martha and the Holy Wounds," has circulated throughout the religious world with a truly edifying success, and we rejoice that our Lord is thereby more loved and more fervently prayed to.

        May the evils of our day find a remedy in the Wounds of our Savior.!

        It is a true joy to us that a humble flower of our Salesian parterre has thus contributed to embalm the wounds of the world by recourse to the divine Wounds of Jesus.

+Dominique CASTELLAN,       

Archbishop of Chambéry.  









Archbishop's House, Saint Louis, October 13, 1924.       

        I should have no hesitation, but on the contrary, a particular pleasure in giving my approval and "Imprimatur" to the printing and publication of the following pages, since they have had the "Imprimatur" of the Ordinary where the original is published, and since they have the special blessing and approval of the Holy See, and furthermore, as I am certain that the translation from the French has been faithfully done.

+JOHN J. GLENNON,       

Archbishop of St. Louis